Free smtp server list

Free smtp server list

On the internet there are a lot of companies offer free SMTP serversfew of them are very famous like gmail. These are also referring as a public SMTP host server. The limitation to avoid spamming in marketing emails. Successful Email Marketing Tips If you would like to use your own mail server using your own domain hosted on a server. For example, your website hosted on the server like mydomain.

If you got any issue contact your web hosting provider. Find the default SMTP port list here. Gmail SMTP server smtp. Note: you need to enable POP3 from your Gmail account settings. Login to your account and enable POP3. Much individual and business used free email services for multiple purposes. Here is the list of the most common free SMTP server list. If you know any other popular service provider not listed here, just comment on the name we will add those.

Ramiz Syed Web Master from Mumbai having professional skill in portfolio, i love to learn and let you learn also, and then transferring it to online community in easy way. My core experience in Web Technology and Digital Marketing. I enjoy my work with learn and earn throw the internet, if you need any support or help, i always be there to grow you.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Remember Me. Create a new account. Likes Followers Followers Followers Connections. Email Marketing. By Ramiz Syed Last updated Apr 13, Ramiz Syed 36 posts comments. Become An Expert in Digital Marketing. Join Me.With growing competition in the email marketing sector, it has become difficult for a newbie to select any reliable SMTP server.

A Comprehensive Free SMTP Server List For Email Marketing

So, you can signup for a free account and try out the trial plan. Mailjet is an easy-to-use all-in-one e-mail platform which offers SMTP service along with marketing e-mail solution.

It provides an easy to configure delivery engine which works behind the scenes with your own application or any other email application.

Amazon Simple Email Service Amazon SES is a cloud-based email sending service which is constructed for sending marketing emails, promotional emails and transactional emails. It is preferably the best SMTP service used by marketers because it offers an affordable pricing range and high deliverability. Mailgun is one of the best external SMTP services which together brings a platform for both email delivery and email validation.

Mailgun WordPress Plugin gets integrated easily and provides a robust API feature to receive, send and track emails without a hitch. Sendinblue is a full-fledged online marketing solution which is used for sending SMS, transactional and marketing emails to engage a large audience. It consists of affordable pricing plans with discount flexibility.

Good Luck…with your next e-blast.!! And a pet lover too.!! Toggle navigation. Mailjet Mailjet is an easy-to-use all-in-one e-mail platform which offers SMTP service along with marketing e-mail solution. Free Plan — Mailjet allows you to send emails per month. It has a per day limit of emails. No expiring trial plan. No credit card required for utilizing free plan. You can send emails to unlimited contacts.

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It provides an option of Real-time monitoring. Comes with an Advanced Email Editor. Free Plan — Offers you with 40, emails for first, 30days. After that, you can send emails per day. You can easily configure it with your application. It provides Web API, as another option for integration. Its pay as you go service, so you will only have to pay for what you use. There are no fixed pricing plans. Credit Card Required. Key Features- It offers the most cost-effective pricing plans.

Most trusted platform for all size of industries. Mailgun Mailgun is one of the best external SMTP services which together brings a platform for both email delivery and email validation. Free Plan — You can send 10, free emails with zero subscribers limit. Access to email validation API with free email credits. No credit card required. Comes with better email delivery which simultaneously increases sender reputation. Easy to configure and manage.Get set up in minutes and reach the inbox with confidence.

Verify that an email address from your list actually exists. Ensure every email lands where it's supposed to. Send 1, emails per minute, guaranteed.

Predict deliverability issues and take action to improve performance. Land your emails in the inbox with deliverability features. Get started in seconds with robust email delivery through SMTP. Personalize, schedule, and send all your emails with confidence. Automatically parse incoming messages - no more manual work.

Engage with customers with the right campaign at the right time. Trigger emails when a user takes a specific action in your app.

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Send emails at the best time to engage with your audience. Optimize your email performance with powerful analytics. Partner with an email expert to improve your deliverability. Grow an enterprise email program with deliverability in mind.

Read our lastest articles, product updates, and email tips. Check out the full documentation and grab code samples. Get up and running fast to start making the most of Mailgun. Learn from stories of other customers like you. A podcast about how we communicate with each other. See what Mailgun's all about, watch our webinars, and more.

Learn the ins and outs of email and sending best practices. Get answers to common questions about Mailgun. For businesses that send overemails. Pricing Products. Email API Get set up in minutes and reach the inbox with confidence. Email Validation Verify that an email address from your list actually exists.

Deliverability Ensure every email lands where it's supposed to.

List Of Free SMTP Service Providers 2019

Burst Sending Send 1, emails per minute, guaranteed. Inbox Placement Predict deliverability issues and take action to improve performance. Deliverability Land your emails in the inbox with deliverability features.

Email Sending Personalize, schedule, and send all your emails with confidence. Email Parsing Automatically parse incoming messages - no more manual work. Email Marketing Engage with customers with the right campaign at the right time.

free smtp server list

Transactional Email Trigger emails when a user takes a specific action in your app. Send Time Optimization Send emails at the best time to engage with your audience.

Email Analytics Optimize your email performance with powerful analytics. Deliverability Services Partner with an email expert to improve your deliverability. Enterprise Services Grow an enterprise email program with deliverability in mind.Using emails for online business strategy is like a puzzle.

If you agree then you should look into what some of the best free SMTP server providers can do for you. They provide you with new tools to make your existing tasks easier as well as revealing totally new possibilities.

As a WordPress website beginner, you do not need any email-related delivery service at all. Basically, You can differentiate the emails that you need to send into two main types, i. Transactional emails are an important type of email-based communication between a business and its audience or customer base. In a nutshell, if you have the tool, plugin, web service, etc and you want a particular thing to communicate with the user automatically based on specific triggers then it is when transactional email happens.

Read about best email services to send free emails here. In that scenario, you do not have to do any work, your tools algorithm will detect the things and triggers the email to the particular user one to one communication when any transaction happens. Transactional emails can be like:. So, transactional emails are important and must be delivered to your recipients without fail and fast.

And therefore, this is not a recommended way to sent transactional emails. You can read about who provides dedicated IP here. Nearly all emails use a free SMTP server. If you get an email in your inbox, most likely it is sent from an SMTP server. Today we will explore some of the free SMTP service providers. Check out our free SMTP server list and choose which plan is best suited for your needs —. Integrating SendinBlue with WordPress is very easy.

We highly recommend using Sendinblue.

free smtp server list

All plans can be seen here. The full detail of the plans can be seen here. You can read a detailed SendinBlue Review Here. You can use the SendinBlue plugin to integrate the service to WordPress. To integrate it check this document. It boasts of having lighting fast deliveries. With servers all around the globe, it can push your emails from the optimum locations to give you fast service and reduce network latency.

Pricing: It provides 30, emails free when you sign up for the first 30 days and then free emails per day. Check the details here. Free Emails: Pepipost gives you 30, emails for first month for free. If you want a higher plan, pay it accordingly. Scalability : It scales between free i. There are several plans according to your requirements. For sending more emails other plans are available here.SMTP service is a system of rules which is used to send email messages between the servers.

Whereas SMTP relay service is a third-party application or service which is used to transfer the email messages between different hosting services, servers, and domains. SMTP Servers are the machines which are implemented for email delivery. Generally, servers have a limit on the number of emails to be sent per day. Hence for sending emails in bulk, you should go for a professional SMTP server.

SMTP authentication is the process in which ISP clients identify themselves to the mail server from which they are going to send an email. SMTP server is used for sending emails. Anyone can send emails using Gmail and it is for free.

This service can be used for sending personal emails or can be used even with your website. You can use this service for sending newsletters, contact forms, and notifications.

For this, it sends a message to the SMTP server. All these trials are displayed or recorded in a log.

How to Utilize Google’s Free SMTP Server to Send Emails

Enlisted below are the most popular free SMTP servers and services that are available in the market. Best For: Good for email campaigns. As per the reviews, it is a good alternative to Mailchimp. With SMTP, it helps in optimizing transactional emails and ensures on-time delivery. Visit Website: SendinBlue. Mailjet is an email service for creating, managing, sending, and optimizing emails.

It provides a transactional email service for marketers and developers. Price: There are four plans, i. Free, Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. To know more about the Enterprise plan, you can request a quote. Below mentioned prices are applicable if you are billed annually. Visit Website: Mailjet. It is a cloud-based solution for sending transactional emails, notifications, and newsletter emails. Pepipost Warm-Up will provide the number of emails to be sent on each day for building the reputation based on the various factors like delivered emails, bounce rate, etc.

Price: Pepipost can be used for free with emails per day. For the first 30 days, you can send emails for free.Email is one of the primary tools used by businesses across the world. It helps in reaching out to their customers with information about new product launches, special offers, and deals, etc. Unlike an individual who uses the traditional email systems like Gmail, Yahoo, or other personal email services, businesses need bulk emailing features.

There are protocols that enable sending and receiving of emails, and you cannot send or receive emails without them. In simple words, the SMTP server acts like a mail carrier delivering email messages to the correct recipient. Not every organization can allocate the budget needed for buying dedicated services, including SMTP servers. We have listed below a free SMTP server list containing some of the best services available currently.

The free SMTP service providers offer great help to startups and SMEs looking to enhance their email marketing strategy on a low budget. It is compatible with all scripts and programs to send emails. Everyone knows that millions of people use Gmail, and any email sent from a Gmail address is not going into the spam folder so quickly. Gmail is one of the most trusted email service providers and is available free of cost. But a free service always has its limitations, and businesses can only send several email messages per day through this free server.

If used with other email clients, the free SMTP server from Google is available for free for the first 14 days and allows emails per day. Once the trial period is over, businesses need to switch over to a paid plan.

It is an easy-to-use SMTP server. It also comes with support for various APIs and plugins. Even though the main SendinBlue SMTP server comes as a paid service, it also provides a free version that allows businesses to send a maximum of 9, emails per month.

But there is a limitation of emails per day. If your business requires sending more than emails per day, then you might consider switching to the paid version. Under these plans, businesses can customize the service to fit their requirements best. Some of the features of SendinBlue are as follows:. SendGrid is the SMTP server in our list that has more than 80, customers and handles around 50 billion emails per month. It is a reliable SMTP service that comes with both free and paid plans.

It provides businesses with real-time reports along with some detailed analytics. The cloud-based service supports both transactional as well as business emails. The service has an excellent global support network along with a scalable service infrastructure. Deliverability is one of the best in the industry, and that is the reason many businesses rely on SendGrid for email marketing. The free plan allows users to send up to 30, emails for 30 days. After which one needs to switch over to the paid version.

The paid version includes various plans, including essentials, pro, and premier plans. Amazon SES supports both transactional as well as business emails and is being widely used by digital marketers and application developers. The SMTP service can be easily integrated into your existing software.

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The service comes in both free as well as paid versions. The free version allows businesses to send around 62, emails per month. But the free service is available only for Amazon EC2 customers. The free version supports sending up to a maximum of 6, emails in a month and emails per day.An important marketing strategy is running an email campaign, but what makes the situation complex while you are aspiring for a powerful email campaign is the choice of the SMTP relay server that can help you meet your business objectives.

A good chunk to your marketing strategy goes to running a powerful email campaign! It's as if you are solving sudoku, where you need to make sure that all the numbers are placed correctly else you will be deadlocked. Similarly, choosing a decent SMTP service makes the situation more complex while you are designing a successful email campaign. By let me ask you first! How much do you know about the SMTP relay service?

It is very crucial to know more about these servers, and why do you need them, so that you know exactly what you want and what your further course of action should be! The great part is that it helps in preventing emails from being mislabeled as spam. It mostly specializes in sending bulk emails or transactional emails like password resets, delivery confirmations, etc which are crucial to the business.

Usually, businesses exceed the small sending limits and need project-level features to send emails to their customers. This is where SMTP Relay service providers can aid in delivering a large volume of emails for the growth of the businesses.

free smtp server list

But when it comes to forwarding tons of marketing newsletters to your clients and subscribers you might need some help. Such emails are often mislabeled as spam, and so in such cases, an SMTP relay server is a savior!

Using your peer-to-peer primary email server for sending bulk emails can affect your delivery rate and even clog your bandwidth. As a consequence, the delivery and receiving of emails will be potentially delayed and would reduce your inbox placement rates terribly. Therefore, as your business grows, outsourcing an SMTP relay server becomes a necessity so that you can fulfill the growing need of sending emails amounting to millions or more. Most of the email services use SMTP to send bulk emails.

Here are a few that are doing really great in the marketing world when it comes to reliability, affordability and deliverability!

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First on our list is Pepipost! And you would definitely agree with this when you will try them! Pepipost also provides round the clock customer support to resolve your queries and that is majorly I feel why its 1 for me! It offers its own inbuilt SMTP server without any additional charges. With this service, you can send bulk emails to all your prospective users. It is the best software that helps you to boost your email marketing performance by running campaigns.

Moosend is yet another SMTP relay service provider that provides its users with an easy and fast way to email marketing and crafting beautiful emails. With the help of this SMTP tool, you can manage various email campaigns easily. It offers multiple features like email automation and even creates responsive newsletters.


This makes it a perfect platform for bulk email transactions and messaging. Next, we have SendGrid, We are sure you would have heard about them!

It is another exclusive SMTP service provider that offers its services over cloud. You are good to go!

free smtp server list

Learn more about Sendgrid. This SMTP software allows you to send mass emails and at the same time, you can even track them so as to make better decisions for your business. You can send transactional emails from your app, general emails from Outlook, or marketing emails with a built-in unsubscribe link.

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