4d payout

4d payout

In this 4D Game, an intending Participant has to purchase a 4-digit number selected from to for the Relevant Draw. The correct matching of the 4-digit number selected with any one or more of the winning 4-digit numbers drawn or adopted by the Company under and in accordance with the Rules shall qualify the Participant for a prize or prizes as provided in these 4D Game Rules General.

Draws shall be held at such place, on such date, at such time and in such manner as may be decided by the Company. Each draw shall have a draw number which shall be communicated to the Participant in such manner as may be decided by the Company including but not limited to the printing of the draw number on the Tickets for that draw. If during the course of any draw, any fault or failure shall occur in any associated equipment utilised for such draw, the Company may in its absolute discretion, declare such number or numbers as duly drawn or so much of the draw as has at such time been completed as void, and commence a new draw whether using the same equipment or otherwise.

An intending Participant may, if permitted by the Company, make an entry to the 4D Game for consecutive draws as may be decided by the Company from time to time, and the provisions of these 4D Game Rules General shall apply to each consecutive entry in respect of each such consecutive draw entered. Entry to consecutive draws for the 4D Game may be made either through the Account Betting System or at an Outlet, where available. Without limiting the generality of Rule 5.

The Company reserves the right at any time to limit the total Stake amount for all or any of the 4-digit numbers for any draw. The Participant may use vouchers, coupons or refund credits issued by the Company to place Bets and use in payment of Stakes, subject to such terms and conditions as may be applicable to the use of such vouchers, coupons and refund credits.

The stake for a System Entry shall be determined by the number of possible permutations of a 4-digit number selected, multiplied by the amount of stake selected for that number and the number of the draw day s selected e. A Participant in the 4D game under a 4D Roll Entry, a System Entry or an iBet Entry shall be entitled to a Prize or Prizes in accordance with these 4D Game Rules Generalin the event that any permutation of a 4-digit number selected for any draw matches with one or more of the winning numbers drawn under these 4D Game Rules General for that draw.

Where the numbers are selected by the Company's computer systems for and on behalf of the Participant, the selected numbers shall be made available for the Participant's reference via the Transaction History, or such other media as the Company may from time to time decide.

The prizes, winning numbers drawn by the Company or its agent or a third party nominated, selected or appointed by it for the Relevant Draw shall be as follows:. The prizes, winning numbers and the prize amounts for the 4D Game under these 4D Game Rules Generalwhere the Company adopts the last four digits of the winning numbers of The Singapore Sweep Lottery for the Relevant Draw, shall be as follows In the event of a number winning more than one prize, the holder of the Ticket bearing that number shall be entitled to all such prizes.

Participants should check the results of the Relevant Draw by referring to the official information released by Singapore Pools on the Betting Website.

Pools reserves the right to rectify any errors discovered after the official information has been released on the Betting Website, and the results of the Relevant Draw will be the latest rectified version.

It is the responsibility of the Participant to read and understand these 4D Game Rules General and any amendments made thereto. The Participant is required to accept and agree to the amendments to these 4D Game Rules General made by the Company before being allowed to place bets with the Company.

A Participant who places Bets with the Company is deemed to have accepted and agreed to any amendments to these 4D Game Rules General made prior to the placing of Bets by the Participant. The latest version of the Rules can be also be found on the Betting Website. In the event of any inconsistency between the translated versions and the English version, the English version shall be the authoritative version.

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The Company, its officers, agents or servants and Authorised Retailers shall not be liable for any loss, damage, costs, charges, fees or expenses of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising, whether direct, indirect, joint, several, actual, contingent or otherwise suffered, incurred or sustained by a Participant arising out of or in connection with the 4D Game for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to For the avoidance of doubt, and notwithstanding anything in the 4D Game Rules General to the contrary, the Company may in its sole and absolute discretion, reject whether wholly or partially any Bets placed or any requests made for purchases of Tickets.

No person shall be recognised by the Company as holding any Ticket or Bet upon trust for some other person or persons and the Company shall not be bound or required to recognise any interest in respect of any Ticket or Bet other than the absolute right of the holder of the Ticket or the Account Holder, as the case may be, to the entire Ticket or Bet.

The Company makes no representation of any kind whatsoever about its computer system used to conduct the 4D Game or about the Account Betting System, and shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of the non-availability of the 4D Game or the operation or any failure thereof of such computer system or the Account Betting System.Barrel racing is a speed event, during which a horse and rider complete a clover-leaf pattern, while competing for the fastest time.

A 4-D formatted race pays out in four divisions. All competitors, with all levels of ability, run in the same 4-D barrel race.

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Each of the divisions are determined by time brackets. The fastest time of the competition is the marker for the 1-D -- or first division -- and determines the next three divisions. Add up the total purse to be paid to the competitors. Payout is based on 80 percent of the total amount collected. The remaining 20 percent is kept by the producer or association holding the barrel race. Calculate how many people will receive money in each division. This calculation is usually based on the total number of entries, entry fees and added prize money.

Some producers may want to pay less people more money. Others may prefer to pay more people less money. Determine the fastest time. The overall fastest time is the winner of the first division. All competitors that run within a half-second of the fastest time, fall into the 1-D or first division.

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The typical amount allocated to the 1-D is 30 percent of the total payout. When paying four spots in each bracket, the breakdown would be 40 percent, 30 percent, 20 percent, 10 percent for first, second, third and fourth place.

Add half a second to the fastest time, to determine the 2-D or second division. Four paid spots within the bracket are allocated at 40 percent for first, 30 percent for second, 20 percent for third and 10 percent for fourth. Calculate the third division by adding one second to the fastest time. These division qualifiers run at least one second slower than the fastest time.

The payout is figured with 23 percent of the total money. Out of this, first place will receive 40 percent, second will receive 30 percent, third will get 20 percent and fourth will be paid 10 percent. Configure the fourth division by adding two seconds to the fastest time.She kept all my 4d receipts.

4d payout

Every sunday nite always insist i hand over that week receipts. I know what she plan to do just like last cny. I dun really buy, buy liao also never check. I think there could be some unclaimed prizes belongs to me. My advise to single bros I've been using a formula that works but I ain't telling anyone. Without looking at the math, I can tell you that you'd be risking 1. What a waste of time for researchers to research on such garbage.

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Your piece of good advise is 28 years too late for me. I'm very much dryer than Sahara Desert. Someone check the maths cos this was my understanding about a decade ago. Meaning to say you can spend 10k to buy every number between assuming singapore pools do allow you to buy all numbers in a single drawyou still make a loss of bucks. The house always win. My take on how to maximize the winning. Spend 5k to buy numbers per bet.

If tio all, should get back about 4. Never tio all, should be lesser than 5k loss. But I think this is damn bo liao. Work hard better. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!This type of lottery system is found in Malaysia, Singapore and Germany. The game model allows interested players to choose a number between till A total of twenty-three numbers will be drawn, and a prize is won if the respective figures are the same as that of the player.

A draw session usually is conducted regularly to select the winning numbers. Notwithstanding the truth behind the lottery, 4D has become a part of the culture in Malaysia and Singapore over time. Nowadays, it is hard to find a local Malaysian, or a resident foreigner, who has not tried the 4D lottery. Some regular bettors have formed intricate systems trying to turn the odds in their favour.

With so many diverse belief systems, superstitions and traditions involved, the process of picking numbers can take on a life of its own. We have heard of circumstances where some people dream numbers. Others interpret dreams divulging potential lucky numbers or patterns. Furthermore, how often have you seen traffic build up around accidents, so that people can record registration numbers that are deemed lucky? Gambling has always been an emotional experience. Human beings have grown to take risks in all areas of life, despite not fighting for our lives in arenas anymore.

Gambling provides the opportunity to experience risk while it offers the once in a lifetime chance of a big strike. Our 4D offering is no different. You will be met with a well laid out display when you visit the 4D section of our site, easy to use format that will only enhance your experience. The section has all the favourite games available in Malaysia, colour coded to improve your experience. Placing a wager is a seamless experience with our betting page, tabling games that are on offer on different dates.

From here, a player has a broad choice of several options available. With our bilingual instructions, we make sure that you can quickly and easily pick up your chosen numbers. Here, we will help you to understand how to play the 4D lottery in Malaysia. Draws are selected on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Online Payout Calculator

For each draw, there will be 23 sets of winning numbers, and your cash prize depends on which prize class your figure falls. Just as the choices you have made in your ticket. If you put down a big bet, you get the opportunity to win a prize if your 4D number shows up in any prize class. Nevertheless, you can win a prize if your 4D number shows up in the best three prize classes when you place a small wager.

The motivator of setting a low wager is that your cash prize gets increased if you coordinate any of the main three numbers. Although, you can obtain both small and big wagers for a similar number too. The arrangement of the numbers is significant to win a prize from coordinating the winning number.The draw is currently in progress. All numbers will be loaded soon. Good luck! Since inception inMagnum has been committed to a social policy of sustainable and impactful caring and sharing.

No taxes, service charges or hidden costs! You have winning number s. Try mBoxPermutate or Roll Play for a higher chance of winning.

Our players can have complete confidence that our winning numbers are determined completely by chance and the draw itself cannot be manipulated, hacked or tampered with in any way whatsoever.

4D Game Rules (General)

You would have won Jackpot 1 prize if you had bought any of the following pairs. For ease of calculation, below is a matrix of how much it will cost for various combinations for your Combo Bet.

4d payout

When you play Permutation Bet, you cover all possible permutations of the 4D number you picked. For example, if you play Permutation Bet onyou cover, and Note: Permutation Bet is only for the 4D number. The number of possible permutations for a given 4D number depends on the number of unique digits in the 4D number as shown in the table below.

Live Draw Results. Draw No Bonus Numbers. Golden Number. How winning numbers are drawn? Find Out Now. Won a prize? Where To Claim. Scan your tickets for instant results. Scan Now.

Learn More. Read Now. Draw Results Did I Win? Jackpot Winnings. Next Draw. View mGold Here.

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The th Magnum Jackpot Why Magnum. Social Responsibility Since inception inMagnum has been committed to a social policy of sustainable and impactful caring and sharing. Product Powerball Launch View More. Download our Magnum 4D app to check your results instantly.

Number 1. Number 2. Result You have winning number s.Magnum Prize Structure.

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In these games, you win when your 4D number matches one of the winning numbers drawn. The odds are a lot more in your favour, and the payouts differ according to the number of permutations.

4d payout

Up the stakes with 4D Jackpot, an extension of the original 4D game with a multi million ringgit prize! Pick two 4-digit numbers from toe.

Each pair of numbers is considered as 1 Normal Buy. Place 1 Normal Buy with a minimum of RM2 or multiples thereof. You win when one or both of your 4D numbers matches one or more of the 23 winning numbers drawn.

RM 28 Maximum RM 10, All in all, it's a more affordable play with a minimum buy of RM10 for 10 numbers. You can choose up to 50 numbers for RM And of course, you have the options to Lucky Pick,Roll or Permutate as you wish! Pick a 6-digit component — 3x 2-digit numbers from 00 to 99 eg. Pick a 2-digit component — 1x 2-digit number from 00 to 19 eg. Place a buy with a minimum of RM2 or multiples thereof.

RM 4 for every RM2 buy.

How to Calculate 4-D Barrel Payouts

Pick a 4-digit number from toe. Pick 2 x 2-digit Powerball numbers from 00 to 99, e. RM 7 for every RM2 buy. Selected pair matches any one of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Prizes and any one of the 10 Starter Prizes. Win 3rd Prize if your 6 Digits numbers exactly match the 6 Digits component of the Jackpot Gold winning number. Win 4th Prize if your 6 Digits numbers match the first 5 or last 5 numbers in the 6 Digits component of the Jackpot Gold winning number.

Win 5th Prize if your 6 Digits numbers match the first 4 or last 4 numbers in the 6 Digits component of the Jackpot Gold winning number. Win 6th Prize if your 6 Digits numbers match the first 3 or last 3 numbers in the 6 Digits component of the Jackpot Gold winning number. Win 7th Prize if your 6 Digits numbers match the first 2, middle 2 and last 2 numbers in the 6 Digits component of the Jackpot Gold winning number.

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4d payout

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